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Survival Strong

Phil Ross’ Survival Strong: A Guide to Street Survival and Strength is a culmination of all of the years spent training, fighting, protecting and teaching, from the perspective of a person that lived through the experiences. Learn how to recognize, avoid, handle and prepare to protect yourself, your family and your home.

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I’m constantly asked by my students what books I’d recommend for self-defense, and because of my own experiences, I always have mixed feelings about putting my name behind something. Not anymore! Phil Ross’s new manual, Survival Strong, is now THE go-to book on defending your life, and the lives of the folks you care about. This is the only book I’ve ever read which can genuinely give you all the bleeding-edge psychological and physical tools to take yourself to the ultimate level of personal ability. I’d be surprised if this manual is ever surpassed in it’s field–that’s how f***ing good it is.

Paul “Coach” Wade
Calisthenics Guru and Author of the Convict Conditioning Series

Phil has been a life-long athlete and martial artist, but has truly taken to the academic study of human movement and performance. While he’s been unable to become certified in every single martial art, chase a degree in each branch of science, or proclaim to be on the cutting edge of every buzzword-generating fitness fad; what he has done is even more impressive. He’s cut through the B.S., the marketing, the sense-saturating hype that many fads generate. All the while, keeping an eye on fundamentals, concepts, and strategies… He’s studied, practiced, been lectured to, lectured to others, taught a plethora of classes (martial arts, fitness, etc), studied some more, and certainly spent time reflecting on it all…. For this reason, I’m excited to read this book!

Phil’s unique experiences have led him to become a reputable instructor for athletes of all ages and abilities. His education allows him to craft training-programs for people seeking wide-ranging results, aiming for various goals… And knowing that, I’m quite excited for the final product; the result of time spent, experiences had, lessons learned, and finally, crafted with a sense of perfectionism that Phil brings to every endeavor.

If there’s a brain to be picked on the subject of human movement, it’s Phil’s. He’s seen it all, and in the pages that follow, he shares his views… If you’re looking to bypass years of attending lectures, the reading of numerous encyclopedias, and paying for dozens of Personal Training lessons — this book is for you.

Learn what is worth learning, and avoid some of the most common (but sometimes most subtle) mistakes that athletes and martial artists habitually make, as they seek improvement.
Brian Ebersole
UFC Fighter (Retired, 68 professional fights)
Division 1 Wrestler

I first met Phil Ross in 2012. Both he and I were cornering our fighters at a UFC event. After speaking to him for 30 minutes, I knew that he was a guy that could add value and knowledge in my life. We quickly became friends and later, training partners. Phil is a “martial arts guru” and, a pioneer in the training that the body requires to accomplish the technique and objective. Phil is methodical, detailed, and talented in his unique approach to training people. I admire him greatly and recommend this book to anyone serious about acquiring or polishing their skills to defend themselves’ or loved ones.
Mitch Coats
Jiu Jitsu Black Belt (2nd degree)

Very few people in this world practice what they preach…Phil Ross has been walking his talk for as long as I have known him…humble yet confident, this book is an illustration of what it takes to physically face the uncertainties today’s world can bring to your doorstep.
Jason Rich

Phil’s book Survival Strong isn’t so much a manual on Self Defense as it is the love-child of a combat encyclopedia and the autobiography of a man who as actually been in just about every violent altercation you can imagine. Drawing on DECADES of training from a very wide range of experts in the field and tons of personal experience, Phil Ross takes you on a journey through self defense, and self mastery. You could easily spend the next 10 years learning and implementing the strategies and movements you’ll find within. This thing is absolutely PACKED to the rafters with no fluff.
Max Shank

It is my pleasure and distinct honor to provide a passage to Survival Strong, this body of work written by my friend and brother of over 25 years, Master Phil Ross. Our friendship did not consist of weekly beer runs or poker games. We trained together, mourned together, worked together and kept each other on a path that so many stray from. It is a friendship where the other person took as much interest in your well being as you did their’s.

While reading Phil’s book, I felt as if I were back next to my friend training, or on a detail, or just running the trails in the woods. His written words are as genuine as the man himself, and I can attest to his complete belief in himself, his philosophy, and his techniques.

Phil’s views on experience, as requisite to being an authority in conflict resolution, could not be more accurately stated. I was reminded of a detail we worked together, where members of our team were checking the mouths of everyone entering, looking for hidden razors. I’m sure you can picture how different that environment was compared to the places most people frequent.

Throughout Phil’s comprehensive manual, his pearls of wisdom flow as naturally from his pen as they did during our decades training together. It’s always been black or white with Phil, and if he can’t wrap it up in one or two sentences, it isn’t worth much. No fence riding; no maybes; no middle ground; “no getting squished like grape”.

Phil’s mind is in tune, and perfectly suited to the science of Confrontation Resolution; a field where he is considered an expert of the highest order. With the passion of an Evangelist, he delivers his message on the conditioning required, for that one time many will never experience, but none can afford to ignore.

The Close Quarter Armed Combatives training that I provide to those who carry firearms, is a direct evolution of my training with Phil. My curriculum, which qualified me as a NEVADA P.O.S.T. Instructor, also earned me a third stripe from my friend and Instructor. It is built upon the “Cooler Heads Prevail” concept mentioned early in Phil’s book, and emphasizes muscle memory training, allowing you to engage instinctively during the first 1 to 2 seconds. As Phil states multiple times, your actions must be immediate and committed. A significant body of research has been produced documenting the fact that the average person takes 1 to 2 seconds to make a decision…any decision! So, what is the aggressor doing while you are deciding? You guessed it. He is attacking. If you embrace and employ Phil’s philosophy, techniques, AND train consistently and purposefully, you will maintain a cool head and prevail.

A truth that most people ignore is, those who would harm you do not live by your values. They don’t freeze when witnessing something horrifying, because their lives are horrifying; and they lack the conscience to see it any other way. Survival Strong provides a comprehensive recipe for success. It clarifies for the mind; it fortifies your commitment; and it strengthens the body for the sheer physicality required.

There was never a day instructing when a pearl from Phil didn’t drop into my memory to benefit my students. I never would have succeeded, as I have, if not for his constant training comments that stunned me with their clarity and applicability to the situation at hand.

Now, this body of knowledge is available for all to benefit. An informational text of this size is a demanding undertaking. I can attest that money was never a motivation. Phil’s love for his fellow man and genetic sheepdog character, provided the inspiration and energy required to complete this task.
The Bible says, “To those He has given much, much is expected”. In producing Survival strong, Phil has certainly lived up to that expectation.

For you my brother, “Nemo me Impune Lecesset”

John (Bob) Pierson
American Eagle M.A., 3rd Degree Inst. McCoig MMA, Nevada P.O.S.T. Close Quarter Armed Combatives Inst., Edged Weapons Inst. -Valencia-Lamenco

Amazon Reviews: There are 3 Ratings – All 5 Star

5.0 out of 5 stars Powerhouse!!
ByA.H.on June 8, 2016
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
Phil Ross’ ‘Survival Strong’ is billed as ‘a guide to street survival and strength’ and that’s exactly what it is. It’s obvious from page one that the author knows his stuff as he guides the reader through a number of scenarios – some of which he’s experienced firsthand! – meant to demonstrate various defense techniques to get one out of any number of dangerous circumstances. Although Ross continually stresses the old adage ‘cooler heads prevail’ he admits that in some situations one must resort to whatever means necessary to get out of a situation unscathed.

This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to be prepared for an unexpected confrontation. It’s also great reading for any young college student who’ll be away from home for the first time (in particularly chapter 19 ‘Everyday Public Places’ which gives basic yet so important tips on dangers in malls, elevators, restaurants and probably the most important – parties and bars!

Kudos Mr. Ross on blending together a well-written, easily understood and also entertaining book on modern day street survival tips for the average person as well as the trained professional. Definitely not an easy task.

(On a side note . . . . I decided to take ‘the challenge’ referred to on page 21 – couldn’t even make past the end of my street!)

By John Borter on July 30, 2016
Format: Paperback

When I picked up a copy of “Survival Strong- A Guide to Street Survival and Strength”, I didn’t really know what to expect. Well, that’s not completely true. I thought I knew what to expect; another fitness junkie and exercise guru who wanted to jump on the MMA bandwagon and use the momentum and popularity of cage fighting and cardio kickboxing loosely disguised as “self-defense” to make a fast buck off of the testosterone driven “brah” crowd and the gym rats. I did NOT get what I expected.

What I actually got was a comprehensive text that professionally and completely covers pretty much every area of fitness and self-defense, how they relate to each other, and why it is so vital to take a complete and holistic approach to self-protection.
Phil Ross is obviously an expert in this subject matter. As a life-long athlete, physical trainer, fighter, and martial artist, he is uniquely qualified to explain and teach the many levels of interaction and complexity that come with this subject. As the jacket states, “Survival Strong is a culmination of many years spent training, fighting, protecting, and teaching from the perspective of a person that has lived through the experiences.” And in reading this book, you can see that this is an amazingly accurate statement.
This book effectively covers the entire gambit of self-defense and survival training; from the undeniable truths of violence and self-protection, real world applications, mindset, training drills, and using both conventional and unconventional weapons, to modern-day scenarios such as car-jackings, home invasions, mass hysteria, and even dog attacks.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear. This is not a book that simply touches on or glosses over a host of different subjects to give the reader the false impression of both the value of the material and the expertise of the author. This book goes deep into the details, tactics, and strategies in dealing with real-world self-defense in the real world we live in.

As a self-defense instructor and advocate, I tend to focus on the “self-defense” portion of the book, but I would be remiss if I did not mention the physical training and exercise in the book (hence the name “Survival Strong”). Phil not only covers a plethora of physical exercises for strength training, endurance, and flexibility, but also explains and verifies why this type of training is not only valuable but vital to self-defense training and real-world preparation.

This book is a gem for anyone looking to get in top physical shape, learn functional and practical self-defense, and prepare and develop the right mindset for survival. It holds a place of esteem in my personal library. Get this book. You won’t be disappointed.


John Borter, Head Instructor, Modern Self-Defense Concepts